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From my office I work a flexible schedule of counselling by email sessions.  I aim to work around your busy lifestyle to make counselling sessions accessible via email and therefore reduce the waiting time you may experience within the health and social care sector.

I can help you work through a problem or issue without the need for a label or diagnosis. Our sessions are confidential (within the remit of the BACP Ethical Framework).

Ultimately this is YOUR choice, you are not being directed by the NHS, your place of work, or any other organisations to engage with me. We can work together without the pressure from others. 

I can offer:

  • A greater acceptance of yourself

  • A greater acceptance of how you feel about others

  • Better relationships with others

  • Less anxiety in your life

  • More freedom from negative thoughts

  • Improved functioning at home/work

  • Life long impact

  • A feeling of empowerment that YOU are making a change in YOUR life.


Tree transparent

Working online, using the medium of email in a person centred way, I am friendly and approachable. My aim is to make you feel at ease and develop a relationship with you where you feel you can discuss your concerns and problems in a non-judgemental space. 

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